Buy Outdoor Umbrellas at Great Prices

Who doesn’t love a nice and quiet time in the garden in this chilling weather right? But under all that sun, it can all turn out to be a bad idea! Which is why you should check out our range of outdoor umbrellas that will not give you protection against too much sun but also brighten up your patio with a pop of color!

These outdoor umbrellas in different patterns and styles will bring life to your garden or patio while providing shade around the clock, throughout the year. Suited for residential and commercial purposes, these outdoor umbrellas are made with high quality tensile fabrics to make them last through changing seasons. 

Cantilever Square Roma Umbrella

A square style patio outdoor umbrella, the Cantilever Roma umbrella is a good choice for their classic appeal. Suitable for homes, small businesses like restaurants & cafes and so on, this patio umbrella can be a perfect pick. 

Mostly preferred for commercial purposesin cities like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore etc, this outdoor umbrella will give you shade against rain, sun and dust through seasons.

Centre Pole Umbrella

A great pick for outdoor garden umbrella, the centre pole umbrella is so chic you will love to have it in your private lawn. Available in various color options, you can select your favorite for that color dash to create a contrast with the surrounding greens. 

Easy to carry, you can also have this outdoor umbrella lodged in the corner of your balcony or terrace and bring it out when needed. Various styles like layered umbrellas are also amazing options to choose from if you want thatdesigner look!

Shade Sails

Want to protect your home from the ever changing seasons? Shade sails are your savior! Made in various shapes and sizes, you can find one suitable for your purpose from our online store. 

These shade sails are made from high quality materials so you can rely on them without a worry. Select from a wide range of colors and material for your home.